Tsilivi Yellow Boats

Look for us at the port of Tsilivi and join us for an amazing trip around some of the best and most beautiful beaches and places of Zakynthos, including the worldwide widely known Shipwreck, the blue caves, and other extraordinary places with crystal clear blue waters.

Provide yourself with the chances of swimming in the amazing blue waters and amongst the island’s famous Caretta Caretta turtles Admire the beauty of our island by visiting what it’s most known for, the beautiful beaches and deep crystal blue water,

Discover private beaches hidden around the island, visit our best-known sight the Shipwreck, Keri caves, Marathonisi and more.
Enjoy an unforgettable trip, admire the beauty of it all and make the best of what the island has to offer

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Local Family Business

Tsilivi Yellow Boats is a small local family company. We live on Zakynthos Island, so the sea plays a major part in our lives. With our father which is 40 years fisherman and my brother fisherman too, we try to expand to local tours as we know the place so well.
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Tsilivi Yellow Boats

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